What If I Don't Have The Exact Birth Time?

To get an accurate reading for the personalised poster, we need the exact birth time of the person the poster is for.

Why? Well, the planets are constantly moving and so the alignment of the sun and moon, with the cosmos, is constantly changing. It's the placement of all these elements that determines the qualities and information of your natal chart and bodygraph.

To give you an example, a good friend of mine couldn't obtain her exact birth time so I did a little playing around to see how I could make a poster for her. Well, on the day of her birth, the rising sign changed over five times and the Human Design profile changed three times. In the end there were 3 components on the My Soul's Vision poster that I couldn't fill in for her.

With that said, I'm working on a design for those who can't locate their exact birth time. Watch this space!

In the meantime, here are some ideas on where you may be able to find these details:

  • Ask your mum. Even if she doesn't know the exact time, she may be able to give us a time frame to work with.
  • Ask other family members if they remember what time you may have been born.
  • Did your parents keep a baby book for you? The details may be in there.
  • Have a look in your Plunket book. The midwife may have recorded the details there when you were born.
  • Most babies had a little card created, that nurses put on the basinet in the hospital, that documented their details. It included date, time, sex and weight. Perhaps this has been kept somewhere for you.

Start with the suggestions above. If you have no luck, you may be able to contact the hospital you were born in and ask if they keep birth time records.

If you can't find the exact birth time, and you really want a My Soul Vision poster, enter your details below and I'll let you know when I've created the poster for those with no birth time.

Any questions, feel free to contact me.

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